Brewer Job Description

Job Description – Technical Brewer



  • Responsible for: Wort production, Packaging and cellaring
  • Wort production

-Mashing/Boiling/hop additions/wort cooling/spent grain removal and CIPs of all brew house equipment

– Adhere to HACCP and QA protocols

  • Cellaring operations

–        Monitoring of fermentation temps, gravities and PH

–        Chilling at appropriate times

–        CIP and sanitation of all vessels, hoses and fittings

–        Beer transfers

–        Dry hopping

–        Yeast management –harvesting, pitching, cell counts, record keeping

–        Carbonation

  • Packaging operations

–        Kegging (start up, running, pack down, CIP and maintenance)

–        Bottling and Keg conditioning

–        Adhere to all QC/QA protocols

  • Ensure all production logs are filled out thoroughly and correctly
  • Accurately recording raw materials, production stage timings and quality checks
  • Keeping track of stock and records of raw materials
  • Liaising with sales team to ensure that they have up to date stock and production forecasts so all orders can be fulfilled
  • Ensure that the HACCP system is adhered to
  • Developing new and improving current recipes
  • Carry out routine maintenance as per the maintenance calendar and recording details of any actions taken
  • Executing traceability exercises
  • Supervision of any contractors working on site
  • Checking brewery emails and responding where necessary
  • Attending weekly meetings to report on brewing activity to company Directors
  • Act as a ambassador of the brewery and industry representative



  • Systems analysis
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Craft Beer industry
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of brewing science
  • Risk Assessment
  • Laboratory analysis
  • First Aider
  • Fire Marshall
  • Understanding of Mac and Office programs



  • Organisation
  • Prioritisation
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Innovation
  • Working under pressure
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail



  • Direct Line Manager is the Head Brewer
  • Works alongside Logistics Manager and Sales Team

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